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Ask Your Child’s School Nurse or Doctor About Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccination

Questions for Your Health Care Provider

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When you visit your child’s doctor or nurse, you could ask these questions to get the conversation started:

"Has my child been vaccinated against meningococcal disease? When will they need a booster shot?"

If YES, then ask:

  • "When was my child vaccinated for meningococcal disease? Is that vaccination still effective?"
  • "What else can I do to help protect my child from meningococcal disease?"

If NO, then ask:

  • "Why wasn’t my child vaccinated?"
  • "Doesn’t the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend vaccination?"
  • "Can my child get vaccinated now?"
  • "According to public health officials, should I be educated about meningococcal disease and should my child be offered the vaccine before attending high school, summer camp, or college?"

The Right Opportunity

Your child probably doesn’t go to the doctor as much as younger kids do. But you could always call your doctor or discuss it when your teen is at the doctor for:

  • Routine well visits
  • Visits for seasonal allergies
  • Visits for acne management
  • Sick visits for minor illnesses
  • Annual back-to-school checkups
  • Checkups before summer camp
  • Pre-college checkups
  • Sports physicals

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